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"Goldene Tanna"


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Friday, 6.5. – 19:00

The prize for best short film “Goldene Tanna“ will be awarded to the viewer’s choice of the best of the following short films:

11 Life Lessons11 Life Lessons from an awesome old Dyke

Allison Khoury | USA 2015 | 9 min | OV (Engl.)
All I really needed to know in life, I learned from my neighbor Dorothy…


Kai Stänicke | Germany 2015 | 15 min | Animation without Dialogue …don’t let your children play with Barbie Dolls!


Sandra Reynoso | Mexico 2014 | 11 min | OV (Span.) with English subtitles
Carina is wonderfully stubborn, very courageous and in love with her dance instructor…

Code AcademyCode Academy

Nisha Ganatra | USA 2014 | 16 min | OV (Engl.) with German subtitles
In a distant future, in which girls and boys are raised separately, Libby escapes to a secret Cyber world, where she makes and exciting acquaintance…

Hero MarsHero Mars

Skyler Cooper | USA 2014 | 24 min | OV (Engl.)
Female, androgynous, masculine ... In Skyler Cooper’s directorial debut gender boundaries become blurred. Held Mars has seen better times, she is bankrupt, alone and discouraged. But then her dream seems to be coming true, she finally gets an invitation to audition at an excellent Theater Company. Fascinating - not only for Shakespeare fans.

Hero MarsMoms on Fire

Joanna Rytel | Sweden 2016 |12 min | OV (Swed.) with English subtitles
What's it like to be massively pregnant with only four days until you're due to pop? You'd like to jerk off but can't even reach, your boyfriend is a useless, boring shit, and you'd like to have some fun, but you're pregnant. Again. Yuk!!!

Todas solasTodas Solas

Zaida Carmona Jiménez & Maite Eraso Ascunce | Spain 2015 | 13 Min | OV (Span.) with English subtitles
All alone – a film about passion, allegations, contradictions and love. How do you save your relationship when your girlfriend can’t seem to forget her Ex?

Todas solasVagina is the warmest color

Anna Margarita Albelo | Frankreich 2014 | 12 min | OV (Frensh) with English subtitles
You hated „Blue Is the Warmest Colour“ ? Then you will love this short film…